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The Hottest Concept in Healthy Dining

Stonegrill Dining is a new and exciting experience that allows your meal to be presented while cooking on a stone heated to 750 degrees to your table. High temperature sears in all the natural juices, nutrients & flavor giving you a taste beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

The Stonegrill is moisture activated. When the food is cooked, it will release from the stone, allowing you to turn it over or remove it without sticking.

By dining from the Stonegrill, you are able to enjoy a meal freshly grilled to personal taste, whether it be rare, medium or well done. Your food will remain hot, allowing you to dine at leisure.

Stonegrill Dining is recognized as one of the healthiest methods of cooking. The absence of oils or fats and the quick searing of food at high temperatures ensure delicious and healthy meals lower in calories that traditional cooking methods allow and taste unique to a Stonegrill.

Includes parsley potatoes & house salad / Add soup & salad bar for $5.95